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India Arch Dialogue 2018

India Arch Dialogue 2018

Moments in Architecture – An Exhibition of Architectural Photography, Talk & Events.

Curated by

Verendra Wakhloo, Sudipto Ghosh, Madhav Raman & Rachit Srivastava

Arch. Verendra Wakhloo

Arch. Sudipto Ghosh

Arch. Madhav Raman

Arch. Rachit Srivastava

India Arch Dialogue 2018 Moments in Architecture Exhibition, Talks and Events

Architecture and Photography, at a distance, the two disciplines are separate, but the experts know a slightly different truth. In reality, architecture and photography are deeply interconnected disciplines and they have evolved together.

If one builds the world around us, the other captures it. If one imagines the transformation of space through light and angles, the other brings it into fruition. Welcome to India Arch Dialogue 2018, a telling exhibit that delves into Architectural Photography to showcase exemplary work from seasoned experts around the world.

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