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India Arch Dialogue 2017

India Arch Dialogue 2017

an Architectural Exhibition of Sketches, Presentations, Talks & Dialogue.

Curated by

Verendra Wakhloo & Rachit Srivastava

Verendra Wakhloo and Rachit Srivastava are a Delhi based architect with main focus of work on context sensitive architecture that does integrate material and logic of construction, in search of archetypal form.

Arch. Verendra Wakhlooo

Arch. Verendra Wakhloo


Arch. Rachit Srivastava

Arch. Rachit Srivastava

Mr. Verendra Wakhloo on IAD 2017

The voice of sketches

Every culture has a history and every human being has a story…

Story of ‘my world’, ‘my ideas’, ‘my experiences’, but also story of the context at large, the culture…

Mapping stories are the primordial form of expression and its believed to have led to the development of written language…

Sketching is, living in a moment where the hand, the eye, the brain, and the most personal inner-self come together and lend a structure to our story…

By just using simple tools and the line in an idiosyncratic way, we charge the manifestation with ambiguity…

This immediate act still poses a challenge to highest forms of technical instruments…

The sketch is often exploratory with emphasis on communication, ideation, form finding, conceptualisation…

Very often, we base our thought processes on foundational sketches and eventually create future edifices…

Paradigmatic shift from the objective and singular ‘Weltanschauung’ to ‘Weltanschauungen’ and relatable subjectivity in a Para-rational global culture of ambiguity, opens up again the interest on personalised forms of expressions as against universal formulas that marked the dominant strains of the modernism.

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