Moments in Architecture Edition 3

Moments in Architecture (3rd edition) speaks on how our collective memories bind architecture to its media image forever. Where architecture becomes a monument to humanity, photography becomes its aesthetic, and at times, critical voice, spoken into the depths of time

FCDI & RAW Collaborative

INDIA forms the central theme of our exhibition. She has over thousands of years absorbed the elements of its influencers and created unique variants. Each transition or inclusion of new culture has created an impact on Indian architecture and art. The idea of the exhibition is inspired by a similar diverse theme which is open to interpretations by bringing varied perspectives based on the current theme. 

The Curatorial Board

Pallavi’s love and passion for art stems from her childhood. Hailing from a family Art Connoisseurs she was fortunate to be exposed to various artists, art forms , conversations , spaces and environments which fuelled her passion. Post pursuing an Interior Design degree and successfully completing many projects over the years she today runs her art consultancy.


Moments in Architecture – Edition 3 2022

01 – 04th DECEMBER 2022

The Alembic Art District, Baroda

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