Bharath Ramamrutham

Moments in Architecture Edition 3- 2022
Bharath Ramamrutham

Bharath Ramamrutham is one of India’s leading Architectural, Landscape and Travel
photographers. Having a background in architecture and design and an abiding interest in the arts
and crafts of India.

Known for capturing architecture and design with unwavering precision, Bharath Ramamrutham’s
work is admired for his focus on the interplay of light and space. With a career spanning over 35
years, his work in both the built and natural environments covers landscapes, architecture and
interiors, and the documentation of people, places and traditions all over India.

Bharath has worked on several projects ranging from photography for architects, designers,
multinationals, hotel groups and illustrated books on India. His images are published across
several magazines and websites, the earliest Incredible India campaign, and campaigns for the
Tourism authority of Seychelles and Mauritius. The acclaimed photographer has run his own
Visual communications and publishing company since 2005 operating out of Goa, providing
professional creative services to a global clientele.

Among the many books that he has done here are a few:

  • Inside India – Quintessential Indian Style
  • Living Wood – Sculptural traditions of Southern India
  • Temple Towns of Tamil Nadu
  • Victorian and Edwardian Architecture in India
  • From Bombay to Mumbai
  • Chidambaram
  • Marwar Painting
  • Elephanta
  • Dance of the Peacock – Jewellery Traditions of India
  • Jewels of the Nizams
  • Indian Design