Joginder Singh

Moments in Architecture Edition 3- 2022
Joginder Singh

Of Indian origin, Joginder Singh is a Toronto-based artist working with
architectural-documentary photography and sound. Notions of Heritage and
Architecture have always had a special place in his heart, and he tends to photograph
these spaces a lot, the spatiotemporal visuals contributing towards keeping our
ephemeral architectural heritage alive. Trained in architecture, he is fascinated with
the intersections of architectural heritage and the urban fabric, especially ones where
the original symbiotically co-exists with the altered.
Joginder has shown his work in solo, and group shows. He has curated shows of
student work as part of his interdisciplinary teaching practice that blurs the
boundaries between photography and design. Joginder has several publications to
his credit: Glimpses of Architecture in Kerala, Forts and Palaces of India, Cosmic
Dance in Stone, The Arts and Interiors of Rashtrapati Bhavan – Lutyens and Beyond,
and An Adobe Revival – Didi Contractor’s Architecture.