Nilkanth Bharucha

Moments in Architecture Edition 3- 2022
Nilkanth Bharucha

An avid traveller and learner by nature, Nilkanth Bharucha discovered his love for photography during his graduation days. Soon after pursuing architecture, he ventured into architectural photography by interning as an assistant photographer with some renowned photographers. After interning and assisting for a while, he returned to his hometown Surat and that is how Noaidwin sttudio was born.

His passion for photography and keen details led him to choose this variant of architecture rather than practising mainstream architecture. The young and enthusiastic photographer of Noaidwin is steadily spreading its roots in the profession.

About Noaidwin StudioAt Noaidwin Sttudio, we believe in capturing the essence of the space which makes a photograph much more than just a good exposure. Our unique approach through styling and meticulous attention to detail results in exceptional images which help businesses and entrepreneurs in marketing, advertising and branding. Along with architecture and interior photography, we also provide professional retouching and post-production as a part of our service. Our studio creates pictures that lend a bespoke form of expression to your design and are distinctive for your brand. We aim to use our expertise and personalised approach to convert the imagination in your head to reality in your hand.