Samir Pathak

Moments in Architecture Edition 3- 2022
Samir Pathak

I’m based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. However, I travel for personal work as well as commissioned works in Gujarat and nationwide.

Samir Pathak is a visual artist who is continuously exploring and capturing the multiple dimensions of life through photography. A keen interest in people, life and societal issues nudged him to take on the challenges of documentary photography, which in turn, led him to start working with NGOs very early in his career.

Since 1991, Samir has been working professionally with NGOs, architects, interior designers and graphic designers. His photographs are featured in many prestigious architectural magazines as well as magazines across varied genres. All along he has continued to add to and enrich his personal collection.

Photography was always a passion for Samir so after completing a diploma in engineering in 1988, he decided to take up photography. Under the guidance of renowned architect and photographer Dinesh Mehta, Samir found his visual expression in photographing People and Nature. While assisting Mehta, he learnt the nuances of Architectural Photography.

Professionally Samir’s interests lie in:

  • Assignment based Architectural Photography;
  • Research based Social Documentary work (for NGOs & others);
  • Sharing his personal collection of life, monuments, landscapes, travel, etc.