Arch. Sudipto Ghosh

Sudipto Ghosh is a practicing architect and partner at a 44-year-old firm, S. Ghosh & Associates, in New Delhi. A graduate of CEPT, Ahmedabad and the University of Cincinnati, his career spans three continents including India, Switzerland and the US, where he has been involved with a wide range of projects from museums, townships to airport terminals. He has also been teaching both at the undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi and elsewhere since 2003. Ghosh’s interests remain rooted in his fascination for cities.

His research and writing have focused on an ‘interior urbanity’ of nineteenth-century Paris through an investigation into nineteenth-century and fin de siècle Parisienne apartment houses, brothels and sewers while drawing from a range of sources within literature, paintings, and photography from the period.  His other writings have been on issues related to the nature of Indian urbanity and on design practice as urban activism. As a manifestation of these interests, Ghosh co-designed Delhi’s first Public Transport map as a pro-bono effort that plotted 100 of the city’s key bus routes on a cognitive map of the city.

Hospitality Partner

Moments in Architecture 2022- Edition 3