Akshat Bhatt

Presenting at India Arch Dialogue 2017
on Friday 10th / Saturday 11th February 2017
at Gallery 1AQ, Qutab Minar Complex

Company Name

Architecture Discipline


New Delhi, India

Principal Architect

Akshat Bhatt

Akshat Bhatt is the principal architect and founder of Architecture Discipline, a multidisciplinary design studio in New Delhi in 2007. He has studied at TVB School of Habitat Studies and has worked with Matra Architects & Rurban Planner, Morphogenesis, Jeff Kahane & Associates. His architecture practice explores architecture through the scales of Urban Design, Architecture, Public Art, Installations, Furniture and Product Design. They engage in dialogues between tradition and modernity through an intensive discourse through design.

In 2015, he was cited amongst the 50 Most Inuential names in Design & Architecture by Architectural Digest and the rm was awarded two prestigious JK Awards.

Architecture Discipline designed The India Pavilion at the 2015 Hanover Messe. Architecture Discipline is a multidisciplinary design studio based in New Delhi, established by Akshat Bhatt in 2007. It is an award winning and internationally acclaimed studio that addresses the space between practice and theory. A sustainable design practice that engages with the regional contexts by using construction technologies, the studio has created an expression for architecture through region, typology and critical theory for every project that it has undertaken. The processes yield expressions that address the cutting edge and contemporary, yet are sensitive to the nuances of its context. The studio aims to experiment with the space of critical design in its future projects.



  • JK award: Young Architect of the Year, 2015
  • JK award: Hill Architecture, 2015
  • Architecture Digest AD 50: Most influential names in Design & Architecture,2015
  • World Architecture Community: The Discovery Centre,2015
  • World Architecture Community: Mana Ranakpur, 2015

Renowned Recent Projects by Akshat Bhatt

53 Silver Oaks, Gurgaon

53 Silver Oaks, Gurgaon

B23, Delhi

B23, Delhi

India Pavilion at Hannover- German state of Lower Saxony

India Pavilion at Hannover
German state of Lower Saxony

Mana, Ranakpur, Rajasthan

Mana, Ranakpur, Rajasthan



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