Junya Ishigami

junya.ishigami+associates, Japan, exhibited at IAD 2017

Junya Ishigami

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Tokyo, Japan

Principal Architect and Founder

Junya Ishigami

Junya Ishigami studied at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 2000. Ishigami worked with Kazuyo Sejima from 2000 to 2004 at SANAA, before establishing junya.ishigami+associates in 2004. Ishigami showed solo in the Japanese pavilion at the 11th Venice Architecture Biennale in 2008; and was the youngest ever recipient of the Architectural Institute of Japan Prize for the Kanagawa Institute of Technology KAIT Workshop in 2009. In 2010 he won the Golden Lion for Best Project at the 12th Venice Architecture Biennale. Junya.ishigami+associates is an international architecture rm based in Tokyo founded by Junya Ishigami in 2004. The ofce has gained international recognition for the wide range of design possibilities, from numerous exhibitions and installation projects, such as ‘Ballon’ and ‘Table’, to large scale construction commissions. Regardless of scale, each project is approached from a limitless and open ended creative perspective to deliver a unique and inspiring outcome.


Renowned Recent Projects by Junya Ishigami

Balloon, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Table, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Kanagawa Institute of Technology KAIT workshop, Kanagawa, Japan

Kanagawa Institute of Technology KAIT workshop
Kanagawa, Japan

Cloud Arch, Sydney, Australia

Cloud Arch 
Sydney, Australia

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