Parul Sharma

Exhibited at IAD 2018

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New Delhi India


Parul Sharma

Parul, one of India’s foremost communications professionals, discovered the delights of photography unintentionally. In the beginning, it was a casual fascination with people and places that she encountered in her everyday life. A high profile corporate job had its demands, and the camera in her smartphone offered the distractions-and, to her own surprise, she started to love them as much as she loved her job. Soon, the pastime became a passion, the randomness of a hobby a seamless passage of beauty. What her naked eyes took for granted assumed newer levels of perception as she began to realise the possibilities of photography, and the sensuality of seeing. A metropolitan soul who loved the manic rhythm of the city, Parul suddenly sought poetry in the stillness of spaces and shadows, in the geometry of structures and objects. Even as she pursues her specialisation in communications independently today, Parul finds creative fulfilment in her new passion, which has already made a portfolio of a rare sensibility. The many travels and encounters of Parul have created an alternative world – ‘ParulScape,’ where the familiar and the fantastical become one.