Massimiliano Fuksas

Studio Fuksas, Rome, exhibited at IAD 2017

Moreno Maggi Massimiliano Fuksas

Company Name

Studio Fuksas



Principal Architect and Founder

Massimiliano Fuksas

Home to me is… “an open space (in the city, in the country or at the sea) that should always be able adapt to the needs of the moment.”

Design to me is…: “incorporating emotions and people’s social needs.

A design project that you love and why… “Rome, her stratifications layers, compression of spaces, and all the many historical buildings works in this beautiful city.

Five lesser known facts/trivia about you and your work… My early aspirations were to become a poet. Then, this ambition evolved in to the desire of being an artist…during the university I have understood that architecture is the simplest interpretation of art and culture. The concept of building often starts with a painting and when I don’t paint I make a model. I feel a real European citizen based on my origins, my studies and my job.

Massimiliano Fuksas of Lithuanian descent was born in Rome in 1944. He graduated in Architecture from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in 1969. Since the Eighties he has been one of the main protagonists of the contemporary architectural scene.

From 1994 to 1997 he was a member of the Planning Commission in Berlin. Over the past 40 years, his company, Studio Fuksas, has developed an innovative approach through a strikingly wide variety of projects, ranging from urban interventions to airports, from museums to cultural centers and spaces for music, from convention centers to offices, from interiors to design collections.all projects.

Studio Fuksas, led by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, is one of the most outstanding international architectural rms in the world.

Renowned Recent Projects by Moreno Maggi Massimiliano Fuksas

New National Archives of France, Paris
Photos Credit © Kamal Khalfi_Archiv. Nationales

New Rome EUR Convention Centre and Hotel, Rome
Photos Credit © Moreno Maggi

Rhike Park, Tbilisi
Photos Credit © Joel Rookwood

Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport T3, Shenzhen
Photos Credit © Joel Rookwood

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